I Gave God a Chance to Change My Mind. And He Did.

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My sister sent me my first Bible and asked me to read it. I said yes, but I put it in the corner and didn’t touch it for a whole month.

One rainy Saturday morning I was stuck inside. I was on my bed, and the Bible in the corner caught my attention. I grabbed it, wiped off the dust, and started the first page. I was sure if I started reading I would be so bored. Sure enough, I felt bored on the very first page, and I couldn’t understand what it said. So I threw it back into the corner.

A couple days later, my sister and I had a conversation about God. I told her that I was struggling with my Bible, and I didn’t feel interested in it. “She may let it go and leave me alone if she knows I don’t like it,” I thought. However, she said, “How about you start to pray first? I think it will help you understand what I’m saying.” I agreed again and left it aside as usual.

Soon after, God gave me another chance to meet him. I suddenly felt really depressed and it made me want to pray, even though I didn’t know what I should do in prayer. I knelt and prayed, “God! I don’t know who you are, and why my sister told me to pray to you. But can I talk to you about my problem? I really need someone to listen.” After that, I spoke to him and felt peaceful. Every burden in my heart seemed to have disappeared. I thought, “Oh, he’s such a good listener,” and I continued doing that for a week.

One day after praying I thought that maybe I should read the Bible. I was curious about him, and I wanted to know who he is. I turned on the light and looked for my Bible. It was still here, sitting in the corner and waiting for me to open it.

This time, I decided to read slowly, word by word. Surprisingly, I felt interested in the book. One page, two pages, three pages, and I couldn’t stop. All the stories, the miracles, and the teachings caught my attention. I put the book down after four hours of reading, with all the words still flying in my head. I have never felt joy like that in my life. I spent the whole next month reading, praying, and talking to my sister about God. My concept of him changed. I learned that he was higher than what I had heard about him from other people, full of kindness and love.

So I came to God, praying, “Lord, please forgive me for what I thought and said about you,” and I cried. I felt that he touched me with his gentle hands and said, “I forgive you.” I knew for sure in that moment that he had changed my life from then on.

Jasmine Ly is a biology/nursing major at Alice Lloyd College from Vietnam. She can be reached at giamanly@gmail.com.